Workshop Punkzine

The Workshop Punkzine invites practitioners to test possible conceptual and practical uses, re-uses and abuses of the textual and graphic material that constitutes the printed matters produced by the prolific DIY practice of 70s and 80s punk movements. The workshop is initiated by researcher Design Paul Gangloff. more info

Aesthetics and Politics

The project Aesthetics and politics aims to be a forum within the JVE for inter-departmental collaborative projects with guest presentations, readings, discussions, screenings and conferences. Although their backgrounds vary, the researchers come together out of a mutual interest in political issues and the often-aesthetic form they take – the use of aesthetics to contextualize political problems and politics more generally or the political dimension of aesthetics and of aesthetic practices themselves. more info

*Latent Stare*

A project exploring the practice, methods and messages of type design, *Latent Stare* proposes a gathering and study of selected typefaces and affiliated stories, originating from the time of the late 1800s – 1900s onwards, when accelerated technologies had begun to affect the production and distribution of typefaces. *Latent Stare* is initiated by David Bennewith. more info

Forbidden City

Initiated by Florian Schneider, Forbidden City sets out as a visual research into new divisions of labour, which emerge as soon as heavy industries and mass-production of consumer goods along the assembly line have been replaced by what is coined as cognitive, immaterial or affective labour. more info

Versus Laboratory

Zachary Luke Fraser, Alexi Kukuljevic and Dhruv Jain currently run Versus Laboratory, a theoretical laboratory which seeks to examine and experiment upon some of the most pertinent moments of the polemical genesis of thought in contemporary philosophical practice. The project aims to explore how the intrusion of the material from political, aesthetical, scientific and more widely extraphilosophical acts and discourses shapes, transforms and divides philosophy. more info

NEUTRALITY: Polity and Space in the Post-Eurocentric City

NEUTRALITY is a new research project of the Jan van Eyck Design department, initiated by John Palmesino. The investigation researches the modalities and substances that contemporary practices of neutrality give rise to and contribute in sustaining, and analyses forms of transformation and control of contemporary space. more info

Hegel seminar

Mladen Dolar has initiated the Hegel seminar, a reading group on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, which is reputedly one of the most difficult texts in the whole classical tradition of philosophy; it stands at the privileged historical crossroads, where it presents the end and the culmination of that tradition and, at the same time, inaugurates the era of modern post-Hegelian philosophy. more info

Imaginary Property 
Imaginary Property, a research project of the Jan van Eyck Design department, initiated by Florian Schneider, aspires to explore new potentials for design practices across various registers. The project is set up as a realm of experimentation at the intersections of design-theory and image-production. It is a laboratory where emerging concepts and terminologies are set to a series of tests. What challenges emerge from the paradoxes that research into ‘imaginary property’ has given rise to? How could these potentially generate new rules of production, bearing in mind that property relations are constantly exchanging meanings? Against this background: do we have to rethink and re-evaluate the notion of ‘design’ as such? more info

After 1968

Research project on the notion of the political in postmarxist theory. more info

Jan van Eyck Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique

The Jan van Eyck Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique (CLiC) gathers researchers interested in Lacanian theory who do not consider it as a dogmatic closed system, but as an open set of tools helping us to form a critical look at/on current (post)modern culture. more info

On the television work of Jef Cornelis

The Jan van Eyck Academie has started a research project, in cooperation with Argos, Brussels BE, on the television work of Flemish film maker Jef Cornelis. The special stylistic properties of his works, the unique documentary value of his films on fine art, architecture and literature as well as the – exceptional – production conditions are in fact virgin territories. more info